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There are times in life where we may find ourselves struggling with current stressors or are experiencing challenges coping with wounds from the past.  While seemingly functioning in the day-to-day routines of work, school, home, and within relationships, it becomes increasingly difficult or sometimes even impossible to manage.  For many of us, strength is often perceived as “holding it together” while we are painfully bottling up the emotions that we were actually designed to experience naturally.  We can become trapped in the pain of our past (or present) and silently suffer. As an experienced therapist specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction, together we can work to achieve healing, restoration and balance.  Therapy will afford us an opportunity to identify healthy coping skills to promote a life of hope, healing, and meaning.

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          “BALANCE is not something you find, it’s something you CREATE.”

   - Jana Kingsford

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